Weaversino Technologies Co.,Ltd is a OEM based company. We are professional in producing vests.
There is no stock in our warehouse, we can quickly make a sample within a week for your design or our design according to your needs. We may manufacture clothing for you with your private label.
Manufacturing services: Sourcing,Design,Product Development,Embroidering,Washing,Printing,Cutting,sewing,finishing and logistic.
Mode: OEM/ODM , CMT , prototyping and mass manufacturing clothing.
Our major advantage: Weaversino has rich experience , advanced equipment , perfect production management , professional design team, management team and a lot of skilled technicians.
If you are looking for men and ladies vests( Waistcoat) manufacturing company and wholesaler,this is the right place for you!


About Vest Knowledge
A vest is a garment covering the upper body. The term has different meanings around the world:
(a sleeveless under-jacket). This is called a waistcoat in the UK and many Commonwealth countries, or a vest in the US and Canada. It is often worn as part of formal attire, or as the third piece of a lounge suit.
(an undergarment, normally worn under a shirt). It is known as an undershirt in the US and Canada, vest in the UK and many Commonwealth countries, and singlet in Australia and Asia, and is typically in the form of a T-shirt or sleeveless top. It is also known by the slang name wife-beater or just beater for short in various countries.
Other sleeveless jackets
Vest may refer to other outer garments, such as a sports tank top, or a padded sleeveless jacket popular for hunting, commonly known as a hunting vest. Another common variant is the fishing vest which carries a profusion of external pockets for carrying fishing tackle. The term jerkin is also used to refer to this sort of sleeveless outdoor coat.
A sweater vest (American and Canadian English)
This may also be called a slipover, sleeveless sweater, or tank top (which may also refer to a type of sleeveless shirt).
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