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Please look at the pictures below and click it to get more and larger pictures,please pick out what you want to buy,then send a email to
Payment modes,now available :
1. Bank transfer payment
2. Western Union payment
About delivery: Express courier deliver of DHL,FEDEX ,UPS, etc. Shipments by sea, or by customer's special request
For a large order,we advise to deliver by sea,it is the cheapest,but it takes a long time,about 30-60 days.
For a small order,we advise to deliver by DHL,it takes 3-5 work days to deliver to your home.You don't need any broker to clear custom
you just stay at home and waiting for the delivery.
Safely:All of toys are made of a good quality materials and are able to successfully pass any International Safety Standard Test.
If you want a report of a specific text from the third-party laboratory,you need pay for the cost of it.
Please note:
1.The price we offer is FOB,including all of the cost in China,not include the shipment and the duties in your local custom.
2.If you want the toy with your private label,we can do it for you according to your design,but you need pay for the cost of it.
Don't worry about the additional cost,it usually is very cheap,approximate 20-30 cents per piece.


Height 45cm,US$ 7.4 per unit
Height 65cm,US$ 11.5per unit
Minimum Quantity Order:500 p

      Height:20cm,US$ 4.8 per unit
Minimum Quantity Order:500p

Height:12cm,US$1.1 per unit

Minimum Quantity Order:1000 p


Height:35cm,US$5.96 per unit
Minimum Quantity Order:500

      Height:37cm,US$7.72per unit
Minimun Quantity Order:500 p
Height:20cm,US$3.9 per unit
Minimun Quantity Order:1000p
  Height:40cm,US$11 a couple
Height 60cm,US$16.7 a couple
Height:80cm,US$25 a couple
Minimun Quantity Order:500 p
  Height:23cm,US$1.44per unit
Minimun Quantity Order:1000
  Height:60cm,US$ 6.4per unit
Height 80cm,US$ 7.8 per unit
Height:100cm,US$9.8per unit
Height 120cm,US$14 per unit
Minimun Quantity Order:500 p


Teddy bear making process:


We always looking for new customers large or small ,so please free to contact us .Regardless of big or small order, We provide similar of superior quality service.