Weaversino Technologies Co.,Ltd is a OEM based company. We are professional in producing various types of suits .
There is no stock in our warehouse, we can quickly make a sample within a week for your design or our design according to your needs. We may manufacture clothing for you with your private label.
Suit Manufacturing services: Sourcing,Design,Product Development,Embroidering,Washing,Printing,Cutting,sewing,finishing and logistic.
Suit Mode: OEM/ODM , CMT , prototyping and mass manufacturing clothing.
Our major advantage: Weaversino has rich experience , advanced equipment , perfect production management , professional design team, management team and a lot of skilled technicians.
If you are looking for men and ladies suit manufacturing company and wholesaler,this is the right place for you!

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About Suit Knowledge :
Linen, polyester, wool, cotton, tweed, herringbone, flannel, silk, poplin, seersucker, and cashmere, are the materials that usually make up a suit.A mens linen suit will not feel the same as a polyester suit, and a polyester suit will not feel the same as a wool suit...etc. Also a suits price will vary greatly depending on what kind of material it is made up of.
Below you will find a brief overview of the different types of suit material you may find while searching for your ideal suit.
Cashmere    -- Extremely soft, most comfortable
Cotton            -- Light , breathable
Flannel          -- Heavy, Soft ,and durable
Herringbone -- Heavy, coarse, durable, and hard to wrinkle
Linen             -- Machine washable, ligh
Poplin            -- Lightweight, soft, and smooth
Seersucker  -- Soft, warm, no ironing necessary
Silk                -- Smooth, light, soft, shimmering appearance under light
Tweed           -- Heavy, durable, and hard to wrinkle
Wool              -- Durable, versatile
The cotton suit isn't the most popular suit on the market, but cotton is the most popular fabric for clothing. In my humble opinion this is because cotton is cheap, wrinkles easy and is not meant for all types of suits. However, as always there are advantages and disadvantages to wearing one.This material is nice and breathable and makes for a nice comfortable fit. Also the material is inexpensive and therefore these garments are usually much less expensive than their counterparts.
Cashmere suits are highly coveted for their soft feel and quality of fiber. The quality of this material is well renowned throughout the minds of consumers everywhere.This material is great to have on you when you live in an area with rapid climate changes. The reason for this is because it tends to insulate you depending on the moisture levels of the air.Another great benefit is that it is softer than even linen or cotton making it feel great on the skin.Also if you've ever watched Seinfeld you know that beautiful women will walk up to you and feel your material before asking "is this cashmere".
Wool suits are currently the most popular suits on the market. There are also many different types of wool to look. For instance mens suits can be made from virgin wool and worsted and can even be spun at different speeds to provide different comfort levels.This material can be spun at super 90's all the way up to super 200's. The higher the number the higher the quality. Look to buy something that starts at super 100's and above.
Wearing a mens linen suit is gonna be one of your more comfortable options when choosing a suit material. Linen is one of the oldest materials in the world and has many advantages as well as disadvantages.These suits are are light and resist moisture which makes them great for summer or heavy sweaters. They are also machine washable meaning you won't have to read my page on finding a good dry cleaner after all.
We always looking for new customers large or small ,so please free to contact us .Regardless of big or small order, We provide similar of superior quality service.(But,MOQ: 300pcs/style).