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Weaversino Technologies Co.,Ltd has rich experience , advanced equipment , perfect production management , professional design team, management team and a lot of skilled technicians.We always looking for new customers large or small ,so please free to contact us .Regardless of big or small order, We provide similar of superior quality service.
Processing service: OEM/EMS,CMT,prototyping and mass manufacturing,
Making Plush toys
Our factory owns a large number of advanced production equipment and testing instruments, can undertake business with map proofing, samples complex sample production, or to provide ideas to develop new products . from design to production and shipment, we strictly checks .
Customized Toys: We print or embroider yours, or, your customers logo, as well as attaching required labels or hangtags. We deliver highly customized promotional products for many uses/events: promotional business, trade shows, corporate gifts as well as own brand collections.
Soft Toys: We manufacture a wide range of soft toys in many different styles, colors and sizes, such as: cartoons, objects, animals, festival, and much more. Shell fabric is normally made of plush but, could be any knitted or woven cotton/polyester construction depending on quality level required.
Stuffed Plush Animals: We normally use white virgin polyester or PE pellets stuffing our plush toy animals. Though we have experience working with other material such as excelsior, kapok, and washed sheep wool to mention a few.
Factory for customized items: We convert your designs to actual products. With your specifications and requirements provided we can work on your own customized prototype.
Minimum Order: The minimum order depends on the size of the toy and approximately: <15 cm /5,000 pcs,15 - 30 cm / 3,000 pcs, >30cm / 1,500 pcs, per design/color/size.
Production Time: Lead-time usually is 45 days, however, depending on the order it may vary.
About delivery: Express courier deliver of DHL,FEDEX , TNT, EMS, etc. Shipments by sea, or by air or by customer's special request.
Our desire : we are ready to lower prices and better quality products and quality services with you to create unlimited business opportunities!

Weaversino Company is a professional sewing product manufacturer, producer, offer plush toys OEM/ODM services, company locate in South-East, CN China, focuses on the stuffed toys prototype or mass production.

QC/Technical Support:
Weaversino Technologies Co.,Ltd are made of a good quality materials and are able to successfully pass any International Safety Standard Test.If such a International Safety Test is required; It must be specifically requested before a Sales Contract is signed.
All related costs will be borne by the Buyer and will be included in our invoice. We currently test according to US ASTM F963-96A Full Test, US CPSC Regulations Full Test, Canadian Hazardous Products (Toys) Regulations, British Standard BS 5665 Full Test,European Standard EN 71 Full Test, Australian Standard AS 1647 Full Test as well as some specialty tests like DEHP Content (US TMA Voluntary Test), Phenol Content (German DIN 53 704), Colour Fastness (German DIN 53 160), Cadmium Content (Swedish Standard) and Lens Impact Test (US FDA).
We have set up a strong technicians and a quality control team and built up the quality control system.
All of the technicians and quality control staffs are professional and skilled with more than 5 years of experiences.In order to keep quality, everyone work very seriously, inspect strictly and control the whole production process.
There is a topic in the news recently is products made in China.We take many steps to assure our product safety and quality. This program promotes ethical manufacturing, in the form of fair labor treatment, as well as employee health and safety.Some Guests have had questions regarding lead paint. Plush animals as a category are not likely to contain lead. Lead is found in paint and surface coatings. Our plush animals are not surface painted and do not have screen prints on them that contain paint. In rare instances, a plush animal may have painted eyes, and in some cases our toys clothing and accessories have screen prints that could contain paint. In all cases, we take the steps outlined above to assure that our products meet or exceed all toy safety standards. All of our stuffed animals and clothing are produced from high quality man-made materials or natural fibers such as cotton, and the stuffing is made of a high-grade polyester fiber.
How to order:
1. Please contact us :
Email: han@weaversino.com   or   weaversino@163.com.
2. (1). If you have a prototype,please send us the picture of it and tell us detailed description of specific dimensions,material,logos,color,quantity...,after we quote you the price and you agree it,then please post the prototype to us,we may replicate it.
(2).If you just have a picture or a photo,please send us it and tell us detailed description of specific dimensions,material,logos,color,
quantity...,we will quote you the price as soon as possible.
we can make samples according to your designs,and send it to you to confirm,but you need pay $120-$200 for a sample in advance,
All samples cost will be return if you place a large number of order,
All samples cost will not be return if you didn’t place order
Usually ,it takes 7 days for us to finish a sample,and takes 3-4days to deliver it to your home by DHL or UPS or FEDEX.
3. You should check the sample we made when you receive it ,if you like it,then let's go to next step of placing an order.
If you don't think it is very good,so we will redo and modify new samples according to your opinions.But you need do second payment
for the new samples.(Note:All samples cost will be return if you place an order,)
4. The two parties make sure finally sample
5.You pay for 70% of payment to place an order.
6. Our factory arrange to produce products.Usually,it takes 30 days for us to finish an order.
7. If you are in China,you check goods and pay the balance(30%of payment) and shipping,then we are ready to delivery.
If you are oversea, you may check the hpotos we take for the goods done,then pay the balance(30%of payment) and shipping,
then we deliver it to you.
8. Business over,periodically visit.

making plush toys,you may select any fabric available like cotton,polyester,
T/C,mohair,velvet,wool etc.But in modern toy production most facbrics are
made of polyester in a great variety of fibre length and thickness,
constructions and colours.
Cutting of fabrics for samples is done by placing a pattern template on the
back of the fabric and then the area to be cut will be marked with a pen.
The fabric is now ready to be cut with a pair of scissors.For cutting of bulk
fabrics we use an electric cutting mould (heat cutter) that is shaped
according to the pattern template.
In modern production all plush toys are stitched together on a sewing
machine. The pieces of fabric are placed with the piles facing each other
and the pieces are sewn together on the reverse side.Finally the sewn
toy is turned inside out and is ready for stuffing.
For stuffing we use 1st grade white virgin polyester fibres and PE pellets
often referred to as beans, peas or rice. Excelsior (wood shavings),kapok
and washed sheep wool was mostly used as stuffing in the early days of
stuffed toy making.Embroidery can be done directly on the body fabric used
to make the toy, but the fabric panels must be embroidered before sewing.
After stuffing the small hole in the toy, which allows the stuffing to take
place, is then sewn.
Any type of clothing can be made according to clients' requirement and
quite an assortment of different props are available.
Please note:we will in the break of Chinese new year from 09/Feb/2015 to 02/Mar/2015.