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Weaversino Technologies Co.,Ltd has rich experience , advanced equipment , perfect production management , professional design team, management team and a lot of skilled technicians.
Our factory owns a large number of advanced production equipment and testing instruments, can undertake business with map proofing, samples complex sample production, or to provide ideas to develop new products. From design to production and shipment, we strictly checks .
We manufacture a wide range of items in many different styles and sizes, such as, cartoons, objects, animals, festival, and much more.
Processing service: OEM/EMS , CMT , prototyping and mass manufacturing.
Own brand:The marine animal toys range of products had patented intellectual property, with its high degree of simulation, colorful, safe environment and so loved by customer.These toys are all done by hand sewing , are true arts and crafts.
If you are looking for plush toys manufacturing company and wholesaler,this is the right place for you!

Size:69cm,$4.9   Size:39-60cm,$2.34-3.85   Size:59-110cm,$2.58-6.83   Size:36cm,$2.88
Size:40-73cm,$2.47-3.98   Size:125cm,$2.57   Size:43cm,$3.71   Size:75-90-120cm,$4.74-6.82-12.4
Size:54cm,$3.71   Size:39cm,$3.5   Size:39cm,$2.41   Size:45cm,$3.71
Size:36cm,$2.91   Size:27-38-60-80cm,$1.99-3.13-5.69-10.79   Size:many,$1.98-8.8   Size:170-280cm,$3.61-6.32
Size:73cm,$3.82   Size:55-100cm , Price:  $3.52-6.98   Size:105-165cm,$6.05-10.44   Size:45-55cm,$4.18-6.08

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We always looking for new customers large or small ,so please free to contact us .Regardless of big or small order, We provide similar of superior quality service.